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Software Testing: Defect prevention, defect detection and debugging


RBT offers a full line of intelligent software solutions to help your development teams reduce testing cost by 50%.

BenderRBT: BenderRBT automates myriads o testing activities like; Automated Test Case Design, Automated Regression test selection, Defining test completion criteria, Finds logical inconsistency in requirements, Functional coverage analyzer, Generates ‘as built’ functional specification, Determine an optimal subset of tests to give maximum coverage, Determine what tests to run first to increase test productivity (i.e., improve rate of code coverage, improve rate of fault detection), Evaluate quality of non-RBT tests, Helps in debugging,   root cause analysis and Test planning. As an example (as to why RBT method stands out), our designed black-box test cases 1) finds all types of faults in the code as well as in requirements, 2) covers MC/DC code coverage, 3) gives 100% functional coverage, 4) instructs the programmer as to where to instrument the code to sensitize the fault 5) covers both positive and negative tests with smaller number of test cases.


TMX (Test Management and Execution ) generates automated test scripts for any playback tool like QTP, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Ranorex, TestPartner etc., including any open source tools like AutoIT, Selenium, plus almost any custom automation framework.  Our intuitive software handles the behind-the-scenes work, so your team’s job can be as simple as picking actions and objects from dropdown lists. In the event of change in UI, managing change is easy with TMX — simply changing an element in one place will generate updates in every instance of the object or action throughout the code. TMX has been developed by our partner Critical Logic.