Software Testing: Defect prevention, defect detection and debugging


Alliance Partner

Bender RBT Inc., NY, USA

RBT Technologies supports and markets the Automated Test Design tool, BenderRBT, and services such as Quality Process Assessment, Mentoring and Turn key Requirements based testing of BenderRBT Inc. BenderRBT Test Case Design software is the world's leading testing tool for automatic test case generation for functional testing  . The Requirements Based Testing (RBT) process first ensures that the specifications are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent. Then a necessary and sufficient set of test cases, from a black box perspective, are created to ensure that the design and code fully meet those requirements. By integrating testing throughout the development lifecycle the focus shifts from mere defect detection to defect prevention. This results in higher quality, lower costs, and faster time to deliver. The RBT process can be applied to any application, written in any language, running on any technology including embedded systems, PC, client/server, web based, mainframe, and super-computer based applications. Test cases generated by BenderRBT can be automatically exported into TMX for automated test scripts generation for any playback tool.

Technology Partner

Critical Logic, CA, USA

Critical Logic has been helping software development teams save as much as 25% of total project costs for more than 15 years. Critical Logic offers a full line of intelligent software solutions called CEM Platform to help your development teams avoid complications that can lead to schedule delays, budget overruns and general frustration. Our unique Integrated Quality Management (iQm) technology based on Cause-Effect Modeling, validates requirements and generates test cases and automated scripts that Verify functionality meets requirements.

DTT: Direct-to-Test software that provides cause effect graphing for requirement validation and test case generation

TMX: Test Management and Execution software for keyword-driven automated test generation

Strategic Partner

BookMyInterview.In is an innovative initiative of Whiztrain which is working in the area of training and education with the motto of “unleash the whizkid in you”. The current focus is on software technologies and innovation.

The expert panel includes industry experts with long years of industry experience and who are masters in their craft. Some of them have done extensive research and come up various innovations and patents. Some of them have done their education from leading institutions like IIT and IIM.

​​(An alliance-partner of Bender RBT Inc., NY, USA)