Software Testing: Defect prevention, defect detection and debugging

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Panel Experts

Richard Bender
Mr. Bender has over forty-five years’ experience in software with a primary focus on quality assurance and testing, is one of the pioneer of Requirements Based Testing process, Exploratory Testing and BenderRBT. He has consulted internationally to large and small corporations, government agencies, and the military. This has involved a wide range of applications including finance, billing, manufacturing, operating systems, data base management systems, communications, medical, command and control, satellite intelligence, aircraft, trains, automobiles, air traffic control, shipping, insurance, utilities, sales and distribution, education, prison management, and weather forecasting. He has also been involved in establishing industry standards for software quality. This includes being the Technical Lead for the International Y2K Test Certification Standards and assisting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in defining their Software Quality Guidelines. Mr. Bender was one of the first programmers ever awarded IBM’s Outstanding Invention Award. This was for his breakthroughs on code based testing via data flow analysis.

Devashis Nayak
Mr. Nayak has founded RBT Technologies with the objective of providing IT consulting services with the support of tools and methodologies that are well supported by academic and industrial researches. He is also involved in various research area with prime focus on software testing that can be used for specification and  program based testing, and can be used as one of the technique for test case generation in Model Based Testing (MBT). He has involved with all phases of software product life cycle; from concept generation to market of many software products. He has got his B.E. (Electrical Engg.) from Utkal University and M.S. (Electrical Engg.) from Oklahoma State University, USA. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, academic honorary society (USA), for his academic excellence. 

Robert Johnston
Mr. Johnston, a 25-year veteran of the IT industry, has a proven track record of founding successful IT companies and is the creator of the TMX automated test tool. Bob brings a deep technical background to Critical Logic through experience ranging from programming to executive entrepreneurship. He is a featured speaker at many major software development conferences, consistently sharing his extensive knowledge with other industry professionals.

Evan Masters
Mr. Masters involves in promoting and leading implementation of Cause-Effect Modeling as a standard way to Validate and Verify software requirements and systems in order to prevent and detect defects that diminish quality. He has consulted many IT companies that has involved a wide range of applications. He has got B.S. (Physics) from Central Washington University and M.B.A. from Gonzaga University.