​​(An alliance-partner of Bender RBT Inc., NY, USA)

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Software Testing: Defect prevention, defect detection and debugging


RBT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a privately-held company registered in New Delhi, India and an alliance partner of  BenderRBT Inc.,NY, USA, world’s leading vendor of Automated Test design tool(BenderRBT software) and requirements based testing(RBT) methodologies since 1977.

Founded in 2011, RBT Technologies is an IT consulting firm that is committed to provide test productivity solutions through the use of different tools and processes. Projects adopting process and tools come in about 30% cheaper, faster and with zero  or nearly zero defects.  As a BenderRBT Inc. Partner  we support and market Automated Test Design tool, BenderRBT, and services such as product licensing, maintenance contracts, onsite training , mentoring, and implementation to help you maximize your return on investment.