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Software Testing: Defect prevention, defect detection and debugging


There are numerous economic reasons to improve the quality of your software.  By adopting RBT process and automated test design tool BenderRBT you can reduce the costs to detect and remediate defects, reduce the time it takes to deliver the software, and improve the probability of successfully installing the right solution.
The reason for integrating testing earlier into the life cycle is simple economics. Studies have shown two things. First, that the majority of defects (56%) have their root cause in poorly defined requirements[James Martin]  And second that the cost of fixing an error is cheaper the earlier it is found. Furthermore, if the requirement is not correct, it may mask other faults from detection. The RBT process addresses each of these issues:

It begins at the first phase of software development where the correction of errors is the least costly.
It begins at the requirements phase where the largest portion of defects have their root cause.
It addresses improving the quality of requirements: Inadequate requirements often are the reason for failing projects.