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Automated Test Design™ with BenderRBT Software Suite™

BenderRBT Test Case Design software is the world's leading testing tool for automatic test case generation for functional testing(Black Box Testing) for software and systems . The Requirements Based Testing (RBT) process first ensures that the specifications are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent. Then a necessary and sufficient set of test cases, from a black box perspective, are created to ensure that the design and code fully meet those requirements. By integrating testing throughout the development lifecycle the focus shifts from mere defect detection to defect prevention. 


Requirements Based Testing Process:

Testers use requirements as an oracle to verify the success or failure of their tests. Requirements Based Testing methodology in which the software's specifications drive the testing uses proven techniques, that is highly commercially and academically trusted, to ensure that requirements are accurate, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent. Requirements based testing provides a process for first testing the integrity of the specifications. It then provides the algorithms for designing an optimized set of tests sufficient to verify the system from a black-box perspective. Find out how to design test cases to validate that the design and code fully implement


Software Testing: Defect prevention, defect detection and debugging

We are committed to bridging the gap between software testing researches and practices. We have brought together experienced and expert professionals to meet this challenge.

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Automated Test Scripts with TMX Suite™

TMX (Test Management and Execution ) generates automated test scripts for any playback tool like QTP, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Ranorex, TestPartner and Selenium etc., including any open source tools like AutoIT, Selenium, plus almost any custom automation framework.  Our intuitive software handles the behind-the-scenes work, so your team’s job can be as simple as picking actions and objects from dropdown lists. In the event of change in UI, managing change is easy with TMX — simply changing an element in one place will generate updates in every instance of the object or action throughout the code. TMX has been developed by our partner Critical Logic.